Loctite 518 Gasket Pen - 2392090

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The new LOCTITE© 518 pen combines the leak-fighting properties of 518 Flange Sealant with a roll-on
applicator that makes applying a liquid flange sealant easier than ever with no waste and no mess.

LOCTITE© 518 forms a flexible, high strength, chemical resistant seal that fills all voids and will not tear
or decay. For use on rigid iron, aluminum and steel flanged mating surfaces, including surfaces that
have minor contamination.

 Easy to apply
Reduces inventory 
1 package for any size or shape gasket needed
Total surface coverage
Reliable, long-lasting seal
No gaps, breaks or distortion
High performance on inactive metals
Blow-out resistant
Ease of disassembly

*24hrs. cure at 22øC, ISO 4587


Agency ApprovalsNSF P1 NSF/ANSI 61
Service Temp. Range-55 °C to 150 °C
Instant Low Pressure SealYes
Cure Speed4 ‐24 hrs. without activator 30min.- 2hrs. with activator
Lapshear Strength on Aluminum*5.4 N/mm2 (MPa)
Lapshear Strength on Mild Steel*5.5 N/mm2 (MPa)
Container25 ml pen, 300ml cartridge
IDH Nr.2392090
Max. Gap Size0.25mm
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