NuTLink V-Belt A/13 5m High Pe A Section NuTLink ATVLB

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Does your drive need more muscle?

NuTLink V Belts are ideal for heavier, shock loaded applications,
and reciprocating engine powered drives. NuTLink V-Belts are the improved performance replacement
for classical V belts up to C/22 cross section.
The link construction means that belts can be fitted easily and quickly even on inaccessible drives.
Belts can be joined around the shafts without dismantling the drive. With NuTLink V Belts, there is no need
to hold stocks of every belt length. Make to length on site simply by adding or removing links.

  • For classical V section drives

  • Make to any length-reduce your belt stocks

  • Longer lasting in the harshest enviroments

  • Minimal Maintenance

  • Reduced vibration and Noise


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