Kluber Isoflex NBU 15 Grease Cartridge 400G - Spindle bearing grease

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ISOFLEX NBU 15 is a high-speed grease with a good pressure absorption capacity. It consists of a combination of ester oil, synthetic hydrocarbon oil and mineral oil and a barium complex soap. It offers good protection against wear and corrosion and is resistant to water, media and oxidation.


  • Tried and tested over many years especially in high-speed applications
  • Longer component life due to optimized wear protection and good pressure absorption capacity
  • Excellent resistance to water and media as well as above-average anticorrosive additives protect bearings against premature failure, thus helping to minimize repair costs
  • Low intrinsic bearing heat due to low lubricant friction enabling longer service life
  • Uninterrupted machine operation due to good pumpability and metering in customary centralized lubricating systems


DescriptionA light yellow low-temperature fluid grease consisting of ester oil, mineral oil and lithium soap.
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