Brook Crompton-11KW-Electric Motor-11KWD1602PFT

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The 11KW Electric Motor meets international standards for outputs, performance,
dimensions and mounting with efficiency levels that meet the latest ErP directive.
The motor-drivers ensure compliance to European Minimum Energy Performance Standard (EU MEPS).
High levels of efficiency can be obtained when combining IE3 motors and the latest optimised drive technology.
Brook Crompton’s range of Safe Area and Ex certified motors are available from 0.09kW to 25MW to the following specifications:

  • Variable speed compliant

  • Low voltage & High voltage up to 11kV.

  • Gas or Dust protection.

  • Zone 1 Ex db / db eb

  • Zone 2 Ex nA non sparking

  • IIB or IIC enclosure classes

  • Increased outputs

  • Brake motors

  • Certified to: ATEX, IECEx, PTB, NEPSI, TestSafe.


BrandBrook Crompton
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